Dog walkers spotted the stricken heifer wedged between tree trunks and a fence

RSPCA officers and firefighters had a huge task on their hands after being called to a cow stuck on her side between two trees and a fence.

The animal welfare charity was alerted to the stricken heifer by dog walkers who spotted her in difficulty in a field off Florence Wragg Way, Oadby, in Leicestershire, on Sunday afternoon (28 January).

RSPCA inspector Sally Kearns and a crew from Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service attended and set about trying to free the cow.

“The poor heifer was on her side,” Inspector Kearns said. “She was covered in mud, thrashing around on the floor and was, understandably, extremely distressed by the ordeal.

“She clearly wasn’t able to free herself or move and she was exhausted so I called in Leicestershire Fire & Rescue and a vet for assistance.

“I believe she may have got through a gap in the fence and had been trying to climb through the undergrowth when she slipped in the mud, getting wedged between the fence and the trees.”

Inspector Kearns made enquiries locally to try to find the cow’s owner while the fire crew set about working to free her.

“Thankfully, the fire officers were able to cut the trees down so we could manoeuvre her and get her back onto her feet,” inspector Kearns added.

“The vet checked her over and, luckily, she wasn’t injured or any worse for wear so we let her return to her herd who were waiting nearby.

“I tried to find out who the farmer was but, unfortunately, we couldn’t track down her owner. However, we blocked the gap in the fence so she couldn’t go on anymore adventures – and hopefully she’s learned from this ordeal to stick to the safety of the grass.”

The RSPCA works very closely with the emergency services and we are always incredibly grateful for any help we receive from them.

Anyone who sees an animal in distress should call the RSPCA’s 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999. We can request the help of the fire and rescue service if needed, but it is entirely up to them whether or not to attend.

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