Agricultural tools and equipment for the farm this summer


To mark the launch of its new Spring/ Summer catalogue, Jefferson Tools, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality agricultural tools and equipment, has put together a tried-and-true essentials guide for tools and equipment on the farm this summer.

The guide highlights tools that are particularly useful in summer when farmers are engaged in critical activities such as planting, maintenance and any early harvesting. The 200+ page catalogue is a great resource for farmers looking for high quality, great value tools and Darren Binns, National Sales Manager takes us through some of the highlights:

  1. Enhanced Power Generation Tools

“As farms and their buildings increase in size and need more flexible energy solutions, the spotlight is on our portable generators, perfect for powering remote field operations or providing backup energy during peak times. Farmers preparing for the long harvesting days or needing reliable power for irrigation systems will find these generators indispensable,” says Darren.

  1. Cooling Equipment for Livestock and Crop Storage

“With temperatures rising, maintaining optimal conditions for livestock and crop storage becomes crucial. Cooling equipment is designed to enhance these environments, ensuring high productivity and minimal heat stress. Our powerful, energy-efficient fans and portable cooling units are ideal for installations in barns, greenhouses and storage sheds, providing much-needed relief during the sweltering summer months.”

  1. Advanced Lighting Solutions

“Efficient lighting is essential for farm safety and productivity, especially when working hours extend into the early morning or late evening. Our new LED work lights and floodlights offer bright, energy-efficient illumination, perfect for everything from machine sheds to open fields. These lights are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide farmers with reliable visibility for after-dark maintenance or harvest activities.”

  1. Access Equipment

“Access equipment is vital for safely performing tasks at height, such as tree pruning or repairing farm structures. Jefferson Tools’ latest ladders and mobile platforms are engineered for stability and ease of use, featuring lightweight materials and safety locks. These tools are essential for tasks that require extra reach in a safe and controlled manner, reducing the risk of falls and injuries on the farm.”

  1. Farm Vehicle Repair

“Nemesis is our new line of automotive equipment, robust enough for farm use. This collection includes axle stands, rapid-lift trolley jacks and farm jacks, essential for maintaining and repairing farm vehicles. These tools are crafted to handle the heavy loads and tough conditions typical on a farm, ensuring that vehicles are kept in peak condition with minimal downtime.

“The Nemesis range is particularly suited for the demanding tasks of lifting and supporting heavy machinery during tyre changes or underbody maintenance, crucial for keeping farm operations smooth as equipment usage increases during the summer months.”

Farmers can explore the new catalogue and discover how these trends can be integrated into their daily operations to enhance efficiency and safety on the farm.

For more information on Jefferson Tools and to download the latest catalogue visit