With current groundwater levels well below normal for the time of year, large parts of the UK are at risk of drought this summer. If your company relies on a ready supply of water for its daily activities, you need to act now to prepare your business, and your water supply, for the coming months.

This is fitting, as according to the Environment Agency recent report, the UK’s irrigation prospects for 2019 are significantly lower than the previous year. The six-month period leading up to January 2019 was particularly dry, with below average rainfall for much of the UK. At the moment, large parts of the country are experiencing prolonged periods of dry weather and groundwater levels in much of England are still well below normal for the time of year.

Harvesting rainwater is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to increase your water supply without drawing extra H2O from the mains. Installing Enduramaxx tanks at your business premises will help you collect thousands of litres of water before the summer hits. Then, if water restrictions are introduced, you’ll have a huge supply of water ready to go.