Krone will be launching a range of new and improved grassland equipment and services at this year’s Agritechnica from 12-18 November.

New Krone machinery, digital upgrades and new services to be unveiled at the event will include:

  • EasyCut B880CV and B1050CV Butterfly conditioner mowers, with Krone Collect merger option available on both
  • Krone BiG Swath System for the 1050CV
  • PreSelect DS 50 and PreSelect Digital interfaces
  • Swadro TC 1570 four-rotor rake
  • RX and ZX forage wagon updates
  • KX Walking floor trailer
  • Krone Smart Support- remote diagnostics


Ben Davies, Product Manager at Krone UK, says the new EasyCut B880CV and B1050CV mowers upgrade the range’s existing conditioner Butterfly combinations.

“Upgraded areas include wider operating width, improved operation and serviceability.” he says.

Both will be available with and without Krone Collect merger option. With the large belts, mowed material can be effectively brought together in a single uniform swath.

“The width and position of the swath can also be easily adjusted from the cab by changing the speed of the belt,” adds Mr Davies.

The EasyCut B 1050CV will also be available with Krone’s new BiG Swath System – a 45cm diameter auger conveyor for swath merging, with the concept taken from Krone’s self-propelled mower – the BiG M.

Control of the new EasyCut mowers hydraulic functions is accessible through one of two new hydraulic PreSelect interfaces or via ISOBUS interface as with existing machines.

“The two new hydraulic PreSelect options are the PreSelect DS 50 control unit and the new concept PreSelect Digital which offers display and pre-selections via an ISOBUS terminal,” Mr Davies says.


Krone will also be launching a new four-rotor rake at Agritechnica.

Drawing on the benefits of the existing Swadro TC 2000, the new Swadro TC 1570 model exhibits the same V-frame concept, which provides smooth and stable operation, with a 15.70m working width.

Mr Davies says the introduction of the Swadro TC 1570 closes the gap between the existing four rotor Swadro TC 1370 and the six rotor Swadro TC 2000, in terms of operating width and output capacity whilst maintaining compact transport dimensions.

The completely new Krone ISOBUS operator interface developments include an advanced colour display, with 3D graphics, animation and revised intuitive machine information with day and night modes.

Forage wagons

Additional updates being shown at the event will be revisions to the RX and ZX forage wagons, featuring the new OptiGrass cutting system.

Mr Davies explains that the updated machines deliver optimum cutting quality and maximum throughput with high efficiency.

“The new RX range comes with capacities of 33m3, 37m3 and 40m3 as well as the ZX range having 43m3, 46m3 and 56m3.

“The forage wagons will be available with a new high-capacity cutting system – OptiGrass 37, with 40 blades for a 37mm chopping length, or OptiGrass 28, with 54 blades for a 28mm chopping length.

“The grass is picked up and fed to the completely new cutting rotor with integral auger and OptiGrass high performance cutting unit by the 2.12m-wide EasyFlow pick-up.

“The EasyFlow pick up is hydraulically driven for easy adjustment of the tine speed, providing consistent crop flow to the rotor independent to speed and crop quantity.

“The OptiGrass cutting system is a core component of the new models to accommodate the intake rate of the wagon, while distributing the crop uniformly across the full cutting width to ensure consistent cut quality throughout the entire load.

The new cutting rotor with integral auger (1.95m wide x 88cm diameter) has wide conveyor tips, and SplitCut technology which feeds the material on the sides back into the centre of the rotor, and is driven by a large power belt and planetary unit.

Fitted as standard with the proven SpeedSharp system, the automatic flap disc grinder can sharpen either the 40 or 54 knife configurations in less than 5 minutes, offering time saving benefits as well as maintaining machine efficiency.

Another new feature of the RX and ZX range is the option to have an integral additive applicator.

“A 200-litre tank positioned under the wagon chassis features a pump and four flat spray nozzles mounted directly between the pickup and rotor,” says Mr Davies.

“Easily operated via an ISOBUS terminal, the operator can see a visualisation of the fill level and can control the operating mode between continuous or when the pick-up is lowered.”

Walking floor trailer

Introducing the new Krone KX, an articulated lorry trailer with a multipurpose agricultural walking floor is available in 65m3 or 77m3 capacity.

The KX includes options such as agricultural spec tyres, hydraulic tail gate, grain door and hydraulic folding roof, drawing on Krone’s established expertise in agricultural transport technology.

Krone Smart Support

KRONE Smart Support minimises downtime when servicing support is needed, by providing users and dealers with remote diagnostic capabilities.

Mr Davies says this will provide dealers with a more comprehensive and customer-orientated system that will enhance their after sales support.

Mr Davies adds that he is looking forward to introducing Krone’s new equipment, features and services to the market in 2024.

“Agritechnica provides a great opportunity to have all the new, innovative machines and cutting-edge technology on display in one place and provide customers with a preview of what is to come.”

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