UPU Industries has added more new products to its ‘Farmer’s’ range of crop packaging solutions, building on its existing range of net wrap, silage wrap and baler twines.

UPU is the only indigenous manufacturer of net wrap in the UK and Ireland.  The newest addition is Colorbale®, made with an innovative form of plastic which enables dynamic intelligent spreading across the bale and right over the edge, Colorbale ensures bale contents are tightly compressed and completely wrapped.

Farmer’s 7200 Twine has been the champion of Big Square baling for decades; now new Plus and Xpro Heavy Duty Baler Twine products join the Farmer’s family, for use with the latest generation of high density balers with larger, heavier bale capabilities.  Plus and Xpro allow for maximum knot strength and bale security, ensuring extra high density bales.

Silage wrap is a specialist product, and UPU’s Silograss Film is one of the most established. Suitable for round bale wrapping and big square bales in all conditions, its high tack levels and film impermeability ensure weather proof bales that consistently produce top quality silage.

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