Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has recently had its high security NE and NG padlock ranges tested by Sold Secure, with impressive results.

Mul-T-Lock’s wide range of mechanical and electromechanical padlocks are built strong to meet the needs of almost any requirement and application, with many utilising patent-protected technology.

Leading the series are the NE and NG range of padlocks, which are capable of functioning with high reliability in all conditions, providing excellent resistance against physical attacks and maximum resistance against weather and other environmental conditions and impacts, such as corrosion.

The NE and NG range is not only CEN Rated from 3 up to 6, but also Sold Secure Bronze, Silver and Gold certified by the Master Locksmith Association. Cost-effective, yet highly secure, these padlocks also meet EN 12320 standards.

Now, Sold Secure has introduced a new SS303 padlock test, ranking from Bronze to Diamond rather than just to Gold. Both Mul-T-Lock’s NE14 OS and CS padlocks have recently been tested to the Diamond standard, meaning they are now at the highest level possible in terms of security.

In addition, Mul-T-Lock’s NE12 SB, NE14 OS and NE14 CS padlocks all met Gold standard in Sold Secure’s SS101 Motorcycle test, which allows the padlocks to be used alongside chains to create maximum security for motorcycles.

Mul-T-Lock high security NE and NG padlocks are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, from shipping containers, perimeter fencing and gates to commercial vehicles, security cabinets and lockers. The NG10 padlock is also available incorporating Mul-T-Lock’s advanced eCLIQ technology, providing users with access control and audit trail capabilities for even the most remote locations.

With many body options and shackle variants, Mul-T-Lock padlocks are available on a wide range of key platforms offering patented key security and can be keyed-alike or form part of a master key suite for optimal access control.


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