MSD Animal Health UK Limited (a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, N.J., USA (NYSE: MRK)) has added an entry-level model to its range of Alligator Pro mobile sheep handling systems.

The new Alligator Pro SK (Starter Kit) has been specifically designed to provide the ideal solution for flock managers who are looking for an affordable entry point into mobile sheep handling, but whose business falls outside the criteria for grant eligibility.

“Recent Government-funded schemes such as the Farm Investment Fund, Farm Productiivity Grant, and Farming Equipment and Technology Fund have given farmers throughout the UK access to grants for equipment which can increase productivity and improve animal health and welfare,” explains Chris Byrne, Stock Management Solutions Manager for MSD Animal Health.


“Unfortunately, not every farm business is eligible for these grants, so we’ve introduced an entry-level mobile sheep handling system which makes this essential piece of equipment more affordable to a wider range of farmers and self-employed shepherds.”

The Alligator Pro SK is VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) approved for towing on public highways and contains all the components needed to construct a mobile sheep handling system for up to 150-200 sheep.

The Alligator Pro SK includes the following items as standard:

  • Galvanised steel trailer chassis with removable 13” wheels and galvanised mudguards
  • Manual winch to lift the chassis onto and off its wheels
  • 10ft by 18inch three-way drafting race which includes two guillotine gates
  • 15 ‘Easy Grip’ aluminium hurdles (5ft) with rounded corners at the base to aid movement across uneven ground, and vertical struts at the top for improved animal welfare
  • 3 support posts
  • Front and rear road legal lighting boards
  • All the necessary ropes and straps needed to operate the gates and secure the entire system onto the integrated trailer chassis.

The Alligator Pro SK retails at £6,999 and can be upgraded or extended with the full range of Alligator Pro accessories which includes forcing gates, wide or narrow dosing/treatment race, additional hurdles, electric winch, electronic weighing kit, footbath, shearing pen wall, forcing pen and anti-backing gate.

For more information, please visit or speak to a member of the MSD Animal Health team on 01207 529000 or via email at