Loader manufacturer, Quicke, has launched its first new loader into the market in 11 years. Billed as stronger, smarter and more user friendly, the Q-Series is set to revolutionise and digitalise tractor loader handling.

“Everything about the Q-Series is engineered for enhanced strength. The introduction of heavy duty cast and forged steel components in the rear arms, knees and front parts, improves the loader’s durability and the potential lifespan is greatly increased,” says Neil Forknall, Quicke managing director.

Operator vision has been increased by 30% thanks to the new design concept that sees the angled knee section lowered by 100mm, and the cross tube also moved further down the frame.

“Farmers that are looking for a more comfortable drive won’t be disappointed. The innovative SoftDrive shock absorber system greatly reduces strain on the loader and tractor, so there’s no damage to hoses, pipes or accumulators and driving feels much smoother,” says Neil.

Making implement attachment easier than ever before, the strengthened tool carrier, also with improved visibility, now has a new semi-automatic Clic-On™ locking system.

And as farmers are always looking for smarter ways to work, Quicke has also launched the Q-Companion, the first ever operator support system, specifically designed for Quicke loaders, with two sensors, and it’s set to bring loader work into the digital age.

According to Neil, the Q-Companion can be set up in under an hour and has three main functions that are all displayed on an easy to use, ‘sat-nav’ type screen in the cab.

“Loader status monitoring allows you to keep track of the position, angle and remaining lifting capacity. It can also calculate the weight lifted, so you can weigh the amount of feed or a bale that you’re carrying. And finally, you’ll also be reminded when it’s time for routine maintenance tasks like lubricating or checking bolts -all enabling a longer product lifespan, and better value for the farmer.”

For more information on the new Q-Series loader and Q-Companion please visit: www.quicke.uk.com.