KUHN Farm Machinery has added a new high density and high capacity machine to its range of LSB square balers.

The new LSB 1270 DX completes KUHN’s range of large square balers in the 120cm x 70cm (2×4) sector and has been developed in line with feedback received from existing LSB users.  This new machine is designed for baling operations where high capacity and high levels of operating efficiency are required, regardless of varying crop conditions.

The LSB 1270 DX is capable of producing bales which are 10% more dense compared to previous models and can increase working capacity in dry or bulky swaths by up to 15%.  The baler is equipped as standard with a double knotting system and revised driveline to achieve these improved performance figures.

The LSB 1270 DX delivers a 10% increase in bale density as a result of the following features:

  • Xtra gearbox: a new gearbox design gives up to 30% extra load capacity compared to the previous model.
  • Xtra main frame and bale channel: the new baler features a revised frame and bale channel which are able to handle the increased loads created by the Xtra gearbox.
  • Double knotter system: six knotters tie the bale halfway along the bale’s length as well as at the bale’s end. This system is constantly monitored by the machine’s electronic control terminal, which manages twine tension and gives a knotter failure alert, thereby enabling the operator to maximise bale density and capacity.
  • Xtra bale channel cylinders: bigger diameter cylinders create greater friction in the bale channel thereby increasing bale density.

An optional, mechanically driven crop roller further enhances the capacity of the LSB 1270 DX by enabling the machine to maintain a high working throughput even when baling dry and bulky swaths.  The crop roller is protected by a cam clutch to ensure a trouble free intake when collecting large or uneven swaths and is able to increase working capacity by up to 15% compared to standard