LH Agro, a Topcon authorised distributor in the UK, recently launched two new pieces of precision farming equipment: a heads-up lightbar guidance system for manually steered tractors, and a new electric steering wheel system for non-autosteer ready machines.

The easy-to-install Topcon SI-21 Lightbar is a cost-effective, user-friendly system designed to provide machinery operators with better visibility of the steering correction cues required to stay-on-line during field operations.

The SI-21 complements all existing Topcon X-series control consoles and uses a series of coloured LEDs which activate in the same sequence as the lightbar displayed on X-series consoles.

By placing the lightbar in the machine operator’s line of sight, the SI-21 avoids the need for operators to view an offset or side-mounted console, instead providing a heads-up visual guide to enable rapid line acquisition when turning off headlands and to maintain an accurate operating course.

The new lightbar also features a full colour graphic display with integrated Horizon Software Dashboard items for additional heads-up information.

The Topcon SI-21 Lightbar retails at just £365 including a suction-cup mount.

Topcon AES-35 Electric Steering System

The AES-35 is a brand new high-torque electric steering system for non-steer-ready tractors.

This retro-fit system joins the proven and popular Topcon AES-25 steering system and provides the very highest levels of steering accuracy thanks to the use of high specification electrics in a convenient and cost-effective package.

Designed for non-steer-ready and other specialty vehicles, the AES-35 boasts a fully weather-proof and exceptionally rugged design which can be used in open-platform or non-cab environments.

The AES-35 is compatible with a wide range of equipment, including tractors, sprayers, spreaders, swathers, and combines, and makes the benefits of GPS/RTK autosteering available to operations that do not use cabbed vehicles.

Key features of the new AES-35 include a high torque electric motor which operates in both forwards and reverse, RTK levels of steering accuracy (accurate down to 2cm) and an optional wheel angle sensor for increased accuracy at slow speeds and when operating front mounted implements.

The Topcon AES-35 electric steering system retails from £2,995.