Over thirty dealerships in the UK are taking delivery of the all-new Fendt 300 and 700 series tractors. The fourth generation 300 series is available with four power outputs ranging from 113 horsepower to 142 horsepower, whilst the 700 series has six models offering 144 to 237 horsepower.

The eagerly awaited new tractors are the first to feature the new FendtOne interface which connects the tractors to a new Fendt farm management system. This enables the farm or fleet manager to send tasks to the tractor’s terminal and receive data from the operator when the task is complete.

“FendtOne is the future for Fendt operators worldwide. The new terminal in the cab, and the option for additional screens, enable operators to structure their tasks more easily and efficiently. It also facilitates the real time transfer of data from tractor to office so that all tractor tasks can be monitored, and PDF reports created,” explains Peter Henson, Fendt’s UK tractor sales engineer.

A new cab layout with a new armrest and joystick offers a more ergonomic driving experience. The new screens have a six-tile layout and can display different views on a page layout. A “one touch” entry reduces the number of clicks and sub menus needed to access implement settings. “It’s a more intuitive system that has all the same functionality of the previous generation of tractors, but in a more accessible way. Operators can create and save their own screen layout, this will help those sharing tractors or wanting to save a wide variety of implement settings,” says Mr Henson.

Further advances in technology include additional section control capacity which will see the new tractors capable of more sections than the current 36 sections as the software develops. “These machines are about future proofing farming and offering operators the ability to be more precise. FendtOne provides farm managers with the data needed to improve efficiencies and make cost savings,” concludes Mr Henson.