The NFU has released two new resources for teachers to bring science lessons to life through farming as part of the NFU’s recently launched education strategy for the next generation of farmers and shoppers.

The Science Farm teaching packs include lesson plans for Key Stage One pupils – five to seven-year olds – and are designed to teach the science national curriculum with videos presented by school children on farm. The lessons look at Life Cycles and Habitats, taking a look at gestation periods of livestock as well as the wildlife living in hedgerows.

Minette Batters, who has education in her remit as NFU President, said: “The education strategy launched earlier this year is an exciting venture for the NFU and for the schools involved; never before have science lessons and farming come together in this way. This second tranche of lesson plans gives schools the ability to teach STEM1 subjects through farms, which is very much our aim.

“The strategy itself is steered by teachers and brings farming into the classroom, fitting in with how schools need to educate their pupils. It’s this approach that ensures our resources can be used successfully.

“Like many farmers, I am passionate that we need to educate children on where their food comes from so that the next generation of shoppers can make informed choices in the supermarkets. But there is also potential for stimulating interest in farming as a career choice, which is incredibly important for farming’s future.

“I’d like to thank the children from Wombridge Primary School in Shropshire for doing such a brilliant job in presenting the videos2. Wombridge is also the latest school to take part in the Science Farm resource creation which has been immensely helpful.

“Thanks also goes to NFU members Rob Kynaston and Rob Alderson who both offered their farms and time to ensure that we could provide these excellent resources.”