Farmers are this week taking to social media to champion Farm Safety Week, highlighting one thing they will do to make their farm safer and encouraging others to do the same.

Members are working alongside the NFU to change the culture towards health, safety and wellbeing, and with many hosting their own farm safety events to share with each other how to reduce risks on farm it is clear that attitudes towards this subject are already changing.

After the report1 published today by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on fatalities in agriculture, which followed from the report on industry fatalities earlier this month, farmers are more determined than ever to reverse the poor safety record in farming.

NFU Vice President and chairman of the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) Stuart Roberts said: “Farm Safety Week is a great opportunity to not only bring safety and wellbeing to the forefront of people’s minds, but to applaud those who are actively making changes to reduce risks on farm and contribute to a wider culture change.

“Today’s report by the HSE serves to reinforce that further action is needed to improve our poor safety record. With the relaunch of the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) earlier this year, the industry is working together to ensure real changes are made.

“It’s great to see members taking this opportunity to share with each other what they’re doing to make their farms safer, to further motivate a change in safety culture and wellbeing and start saving lives.”

During Farm Safety Week the NFU will be supporting members by providing online content targeting different areas of farm safety each day. These areas will include keeping children safe on farm, raising awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing and sharing good practice.