As heavy snow and freezing temperatures sweep the nation, the NFU is supporting its members by providing updated online guidance on how to best cope with the effects of adverse weather on their farms and in their community.

In order to help its members stay safe and take the best possible action, the guidance covers several consequences of severe weather, such as missed or failed milk collections and blocked roads, and advice on gritting roads and working in low temperatures.

NFU President Minette Batters said: “Farmers are pivotal in the rural community, particularly during times of adverse weather, and they will be playing their part to help clear roads, unfreeze water pipes and provide emergency help to those in need, all while caring for their own business and livestock.

“Most businesses suffer during a cold snap and farming is no different. As many affected farmers will be trying to reach remote parts of their farms, I am urging everyone to remain as safe as possible and take the necessary precautions.

“However in many cases, it is inevitable that business as usual will be disrupted. The NFU is supporting its members to ensure that they have the information to remain safe during this time of severe weather.

“Rest assured, farmers and growers will still be working round the clock to ensure they are able to provide the public with a safe, affordable, traceable supply of British food.”