One the eve of one of the most important Commons votes in our lifetime the National Sheep Association (NSA) is again calling for MPs to back the Prime Ministers deal in order to offer stability to the sheep industry, and in the interest of Great Britain.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: “The British sheep industry typifies so much of what is good about Britain, productive and proud yet with deep heritage and creating much of what people like about our country. Along with many industries, what sheep farmers need is stability and confidence in what is around the corner, not more uncertainty. We need to know that we can continue sending lamb to the EU as freely and frictionlessly as we do now, and we need MPs to consider farming and food interests in considering how they vote.”

NSA has repeatedly warned of the wide variety of risks attached to a no deal Brexit and is concerned MPs not accepting the deal tomorrow will move the country one step closer to this outcome.

Mr Stocker continues: “The negotiation process has been underway for a long time now and we are no closer to an answer – mainly due to the UK’s own inability to agree. For our industry many of the lambs being born in the coming months will be intended for European markets and there is increasing concern that our exports to the EU will be stopped or delayed if the deal is not accepted, with no assurances as to when access may be regained. NSA is urging MPs to consider the damage that a no deal would do for the prosperity of this country when deciding which way to vote.”