With silage-making such a highly mechanised activity, leading forage preservation and animal nutrition company, Volac, will be providing guidance to help machinery operators do the best possible job of making better silage at LAMMA 2019 (stand number 7.710, hall 7, NEC Birmingham, Wednesday 9 January, 2019).

Also on the stand, the company will announce details of a new, limited offer for an amount of free silage additive from the Ecosyl range for farmers or contractors purchasing one of the company’s Eco additive applicators.

There will also be a free-to-enter competition on the ideal minimum machinery weight needed for effective clamp consolidation.

“Whether it is carried out by contractors or farmers themselves, producing good silage relies heavily on skilled machinery operators,” says Volac product manager, Jackie Bradley. “With silages often providing the sole forage for half the year or more, it is important to get every step right.

“Using correct practices for steps such as cutting, wilting, harvesting, applying an additive and clamping, all have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of the finished silage. Even if pressed for time, you don’t have to cut corners. Helping operators in each of these areas will be our key focus at LAMMA,” she adds.

As an example, Mrs Bradley says wilting times for grass silage can be cut to 24 hours or less by effective tedding.

Similarly, she says, harvesting and treating can be made more efficient by choosing a silage additive suitable for ultra-low volume application. This allows certain additives to be applied in a water volume of just 20 ml per tonne of forage, rather than 1-2 litres per tonne, she explains, dramatically reducing the number of stoppages for refilling and making it easier to deliver additive to the harvester.

“Clamp consolidation is also another key area to focus on,” adds Mrs Bradley. “Better consolidation can improve keeping quality substantially, and can often be achieved with a few adjustments to clamp filling technique.”

Contractors and farmers wanting further handy tips on silage-making can find out more at Volac’s Cut to Clamp website: www.cuttoclamp.com