Sulky Burel will demonstrate its 4m Cultiline folding power harrows and 4m Xeos TF front tank seed drill at Tillage Live 2018.

The manufacturer, which recently added dealers in Cheshire and Staffordshire to its network, is focussing on demonstrating its range of foldable cultivation equipment and high capacity drills.

Robert Thurkettle, managing director of Sulky Burel UK, says “Our customers know us for our range of quality seed drills and fertiliser spreaders but the tillage equipment used in combination with our drills is sometimes overlooked. Creating a good seedbed in challenging conditions, particularly late in the season, is important for fast and even autumn crop emergence.

“This year’s wet spring also saw many farmers struggle to get crops drilled. Sulky’s Cultiline range of power harrows can be very useful in these poor soil conditions – allowing good forward speeds and even tilth production, with reduced power requirements.”

Sulky’s Cultiline power harrow range offers long-lasting productivity even in extreme conditions. All Cultiline models use four rotors per metre, which produces a high quality seedbed with no swathes or ridges and, with reduced resistance, saves energy consumption and fuel. Each rotor has tapered roller bearings, pre-set at the factory, and requires no further adjustment.  The high tensile steel gear trough has an especially robust design, lubricated for life in the factory with a double seal.

The Cultiline HRW4000.28 folding power harrow, which will be demonstrated at Tillage Live, offers wide working widths with ease of transport at 2.95m when folded. An intermediate chassis carries the hydraulic folding parts, which are locked for transport. A 280hp central gearbox with PTO drive is fitted with a torque limiter with automatic set/reset. A three-year warranty on the gearbox and gear-trays is standard across the range.

RapidFit tines are standard across the power harrow range and allow removal of individual damaged or worn tines within seconds, using a dual function spanner.

Sulky’s XEOS TF 4m drill with front-mounted tank can be combined with different rear-mounted cultivators and drilling toolbars to suit conditions. At Tillage Live it will be demonstrated in combination with the Cultiline HRW4000.28 folding power harrow.

In spring drilling situations, and depending on the soil conditions and farm preference, the Xeos TF can be fitted with Suffolk coulter, Twin Disc or Cultidisc drilling toolbars. Later in the season, after beet harvest, or in extremely wet conditions, Sulky’s PRO drilling toolbar allows drilling into poor soil conditions at high speeds, with optimal seed placement.

The Xeos TF benefits from Sulky’s universal seed metering unit, sowing all seed types from oilseed to beans without manual adjustment, and a wide range of seed rates from 1 to 450kg/ha (wheat).  The multi-purpose seed drill can be fitted with a distribution head for drilling between 24 and 40 rows. Micro fertiliser can be applied concurrently through a Duo Hopper attached to the front tank.

Maximum ballast load on the front tank is 1,500kg plus the load in the hopper, making it suitable for use on large, high horsepower tractors, and ensuring a balanced load no matter what drilling toolbar is used.