Bracken spreads at a rate of 3% per year, which doesn’t sound a great deal, but after just eight years, this means that a quarter of the available grazing ground is severely restricted and land values are consequently greatly reduced. To counter this, an application of chemicals is one answer and the Logic Contact 2000 Weed Wiper provides the ideal instrument to make every litre go a long, long way.

The use of ‘Glyphosate’ at a dilution rate of 20:1 applied from June onwards, to full frond in August then any time up to the first frosts, will have a tremendous effect. Not only will the grazing be restored and the value of the land increased, but the environment for ticks will be reduced, with subsequent livestock health benefits as well.


The wiper unit can be towed by an ATV, UTV or 4×4 to provide a LGP system that will not cause sward damage, even in adverse conditions. The action of wiping the targeted plants with its contra-rotating brush, in an upward ‘combing’ movement allows use of this method in windy conditions and even when plants are wet, as chemical is applied to the underside of the targeted plant’s leaf.

This is an amazingly cost-effective treatment, which will bring many benefits. It works equally well on rushes, nettles, thistles and a host of other weeds, while saving clover. Have a look at the Logic website to see before and after examples or contact your local dealer for more information. Prices start from £2995.