The best farm vehicles need to be reliable and practical. The quad bike, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and UTV (utility task vehicle) tick these boxes and are also versatile and compact.

So it is no wonder that quad bikes are now in regular use on farms and estates of all sizes as well as for contracting work. There are numerous attachments that allow the quad to do everything from carrying a couple of dogs to topping paddocks, spraying, towing, feeding and more. Their physical impact is low, they don’t take up much space in the barn, use little fuel and are easy to drive.

There is, however, no real protection from the weather on a quad. They can also be dangerous if driven poorly and can tip over and injure or kill the operator. So training – and sensible driving – are essential. Also, their payload is nowhere near that of a UTV and the addition of a trailer can be cumbersome in terms of manoeuvrability in some areas.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, quads are high on the list for thieves – so good security is something else to be aware of.

Generally speaking, a farm cannot replace a 4×4 entirely, but a good combination would seem to be a 4×4 or pick-up; a quad bike and a utility vehicle.