Over the past two months, the first applications of Univoq have been made to UK cereal crops.

Registered in March 2021, Univoq is a new fungicide combining the strengths of a brand new molecule, Inatreq™ active, co-formulated with the tried and trusted triazole prothioconazole. Inatreq is the first new site of action for key cereal diseases in the UK for nearly 20 years.

Univoq offers robust disease control of the key wheat diseases such as rusts and Septoria – including strains resistant to other chemistry.

Optimised by Corteva’s i-Q4 formulation, Univoq provides near 100% leaf coverage allowing application flexibility while maintaining robust protection.

But it also offers incredible flexibility for growers in terms of application rates, sprayer forward speeds, water volumes, and tank mix compatibility.

Taking into account varietal resistance and disease pressure, growers can apply Univoq at a range of rates to suit their situation. A typical rate adopted by growers is 1.25l/ha, but this can be adjusted up to 1.5l/ha in high pressure situations.

Regardless of rate, Univoq provides long-lasting, robust protection, while also tackling any latent infection in the crop. Green leaf area is retained for a prolonged period, allowing the crop to build yield long after application.